Radio System Calculator: Version 7-14-2010

This file will assist radio system designers by calculating many common parameters when used with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. This file MAY work with other spreadsheet programs, but it is not guaranteed to do so.

The following functions are included in this version:

General Purpose Section
1. Calculate Free Space Loss in miles.
2. Convert watts to dBm and dBw
3. Convert dBm to watts
4. Convert uV to dBm
5. Convert dBm to uV
6. Convert dBw to uV
7. Convert dBm and Freq to field strength; dBu and uV/meter
8. Convert dBu and Freq to dBm
9. Calculate Return Loss and VSWR
10. Calculate Vertical spaced antenna - antenna isolation
11. Calculate Horizontal spaced antenna - antenna isolation
12. Calculate distance to horizon for a given antenna height
13. Calculate radio horizon and - 3dB horizons using antenna height, beamwidth and downtilt.
14. Calculate signal levels for Item 12 (above) using frequency and ERP.
15, 16, 17. Convert Coordinate formats to other Coordinate formats.
18. Calculate distance & azimuth between two sites. Distance calculation uses FCC's formula.

Signal Booster Section
A. Calculate Free Space Loss in Feet.
B. Calculate Composte power of multiple carriers.
C. Calculate broadband amp input noise threshold and noise output levels using NF and BW.
D. Calculate 3rd Order IM in Class A Amplifiers.
E. Calculate 2nd & 3rd Order IM using 3rd OIP and Output Level.
F. Calculate maximum output power per carrier for multiple input carriers.

NEW Calculate propagation delays for coax, free space and fiber cables.

NEW: Metric Conversion Section

DISCLAIMER: This file is posted for the general use of visitors to this site. The accuracy or suitability of the formulas and terminology used is NOT guaranteed in any way or for any reason, PERIOD! No warranty. Not for sale. Use at your own risk. Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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Last Update: July 14, 2010
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